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FREE SOFTWARE for math and science nerds
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These following files are copyrighted (1995-2003) by:
"Citrus Press, Box 10062, Titusville, Florida, USA"
to support these book titles:
(1) "Understanding the FFT" by Anders E. Zonst
(2) "Understanding FFT Applications" by Anders E. Zonst
which can still be purchased at retail outlets

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Citrus Press has granted permission to redistribute these
files =========================================================== The contents of this file are copyrighted (1995-2000) by: "Microsoft, Redmond, Washington, USA" and found on all Windows media between 1995 and 2000) File (for use with DOS BOX) --------------------------- Microsoft has not granted permission to redistribute this
but since this museum-ware can be found on any Windows-95
or Windows-98 distribution media still commonly available
in office desks, garage sales, and flea markets, I hope
they do not care.
This stuff predates Visual BASIC - Microsoft Visual Studio. ===========================================================