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Updated: 2024-04-12


Both the C and C++ programming languages are designed to be portable BUT I noticed that some C applications written for other platforms (Unix, Windows, OpenVMS) cannot always be moved to Linux with zero effort. This is especially true if moving from cc (c compile) to gcc (gnu compiler collection). Hopefully the information provided here will help others. 


File Notes
hello_linux_world.c hello world in both 32 and 64 bits
flock.c Linux finally has a system-wide lock manager with queuing
gcc-32-bit-compile-on-64-bit-rhel.txt Native 64-bit compiles are easy; 32-bit compiles are less so
procmail (coming soon) a few demo scripts to intercept then process email (coming soon)
sequencer.c a helper application for use with procmail and munpack
crc8_demo_100.c create a static data table
crc8_demo_101.c use the table to generate a crc8 for specific data
mysql_demo_01.c mysql demo to test building an app in c (gcc)
mysql_demo_02.cpp mysql demo to test building an app in c++ (g++)



File Notes
gmtserver.cpp gmtclient.cpp (from the old currenttime demo in samples)
gmtserver.cpp (works from Apache cgi-bin without a plugin)
calcserver.c calclient.c (from the old calc demo in samples)
  • calcserver (works interactively from the command line)
  • calcserver2 (works from Apache cgi-bin without a plugin)
  • (works from Apache-2.x via the mod_gsoap plugin)
build Apache from sources
shows how to build a second copy of Apache so you can use apxs rather than gcc
  • apxs is a tool required to produce for Apache-2.x
  • apxs is a tool required to build for Apache-2.x
note: you do not need to build second Apache on Linux.
Typing: "yum install httpd-devel.x86_64" will provide apxs
click here for a detailed overview

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