The Proof of Global Warming


In this controversy, scientific evidence falls into two categories:

  1. Direct measurements (which began with the invention and sale of inexpensive accurate thermometers in the mid 1860s) require little interpretation provided you understand a small amount of science.
  2. Proxy measurements require quite a bit of interpretation (because they cross many scientific disciplines -and- are spotty so do not necessarily represent worldwide events) and so should only be left to the experts in the court of 'peer reviewed' science.
  3. Indirect measurements via weather satellites.This catches many non-experts off guard, because it is not possibles to build a thermometer, launch it into space, then just point it down to measure temperature. In fact, most weather satellites measure temperature by first measuring radio waves emitted by oxygen atoms, which are then run though more than a dozen mathematical steps to "infer" the atmospheric temperature. Much of this work was done by numerous organizations including these two:
    1. UHA (University Huntsville Alabama
    2. RSS (Remote Sensing Systems)
    I recommend viewing this no-nonsense YouTube video to learn more

Proof 1: Sea Level Rise

Direct Measurements:

Indirect Measurements:


Proof 2: The current inter-glacial is different

co2 across the ice ages

Proof 3: CO2 is rising while Oxygen is falling

CO2 vs O2 (chart only goes to 2005)
  1. Average global temperatures have risen 1.05 C (1.9 F) degrees since broad measurements began in 1880
    Direct Measurement: and
  2. CO2 levels have risen 27% since annual measurements began in 1958
    Direct Measurement: (most recent CO2 data)
    Computed Rate of Increase: ((412-315) / (2019-1958)) = (97 / 61) = 1.59 ppm per year
  3. Oxygen levels have fallen (695-103) = 592 per meg since annual measurements began in 1990
    Direct Measurement: (data sets are freely available for download )
    Analysis: Comments:
    1. Since O2 production by non-animal life is not able to compensate for all the "unnatural" fossil fuel burning by humanity, it appears that our biosphere is slowly dying.
    2. Most people forget that our machines (cars, trucks, boats, planes, tanks, etc.) also breathe in oxygen while exhaling carbon dioxide


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Neil Rieck
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.