DADOES vs. Blade Runner

What is "DADOES"?

dadoesDADOES is a newsgroup acronym for the 1968 book: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

What is "Blade Runner"?

Blade Runner is a 1982 movie by Ridley Scott which is loosely based upon the book: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.

A Blade Runner is a bounty hunter tasked to terminate rogue androids (replicants). To add to the confusion, after the movie was released, book publishers started selling Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? with the cover title Blade Runner


*** Spoiler Alert ***

Differences (between DADOES and B.R.)

Topic DADOES Blade Runner Notes
Manufacturer(s) Rosen Association
Grozzi Corporation
Tyrell Corporation  
Police Station Location San Francisco Los Angeles  
Manufacturer Location Rosen Head Office: Seattle
Rosen Auto-factory: Mars
Los Angeles The Rosen Association also maintains an office in Russia
Police Officers bounty hunters Blade Runners  
  Rick Deckard Rick Deckard Works out of the Lombard Street (real) Police Station
  Harry Bryant Bryant Works out of the Lombard Street (real) Police Station
  Dave Holden Holden Works out of the Lombard Street (real) Police Station
  Garland   Police inspector (boss of Phil Resch)
Works out of the Mission Street (fake) Police Station
  Phil Resch   Is an android who thinks he is human due to a memory implant
Works out of the Mission Street (fake) Police Station.
  George Gleason   Mentioned as one of two Northern California bounty hunters
    Gaff Chinese detective found of using City-Speak
Android Name andys replicants  
Android Models Nexus-6 (Rosen)
T-14 (Sudermann)
W-4 (Grozzi)
Androids Rachael Rosen Rachael Not a member of Roy's team
  Pris Stratton Pris Pris Stratton and Rachael Rosen are identical in appearnance
  Roy Baty Roy Baty leader of the replicant group
  Irma Baty    
  Max Polokov   puts Dave Holden in hospital
masquerades as an ant-head (very low IQ human)
masquerades as Sandor Kadalyi (a Russian Cop) to kill Deckard
  Luba Luft   opera singer
  Hasking   killed by Dave Holden
  Anders   killed by Dave Holden?
  Gitchel   killed by Dave Holden?
  Buster Friendly   TV show host
possibly a member of the Roy's team
  Amanda Werner   semi-permanent guest on Buster's TV show
Not a member of Roy's team
    Zhora assassin
also dances as Miss Salome at Taffy Lewis' club
    Leon low IQ nuclear loader
    Mary character scenes shot but left on the cutting-room floor
Size of Android Team 8 6  
Other People (John) J R Isidore   chicken head (low IQ human)
    J F Sebastian genetic designer (high IQ human)
  Eldon Rosen Eldon Tyrell  
  Hannibal Sloat   Owns the Van Ness Pet Hospital (electric pets only)
  Milt Borogrove   Vet (technician) at the Van Ness Pet Hospital
    Chew Owner od Chew's Eye Works
    Taffey Lewis Night Club Owner
    Abdul Ben-Hassan Snake Manufacturer in Animal Row
  Iran Deckard   Rick Deckard's wife
  Bill Barbour   Deckard's rooftop neighbor (owns a horse)
Android Tests Voight-Kampff Test
Boneli Reflex-Arc Test
Bone Marrow Test
Voight-Kampff Test  
Remote Cultures Mars
Off World Colonies  


Topic DADOES Blade Runner
Android IQs All seem slightly higher than the human average Spread between high and low ("A" to "D")
Human IQs Spread between normal (Iran, Barbour, Hannibal Sloat, Milt Borogrove) above average (bounty hunters) and high (Eldon Tyrell) Spread between normal (Deckard, Bryant, Gaff) to high (Eldon Tyrell, J.F. Sebastian)
Empathy (Nexus-6) These androids feel no empathy whatsoever for other creatures (witness what happens when Pris cuts the legs off a spider while the others watch). The androids seem to desire the company of each other (as well as humans). But this may be an intellectual imperative rather than an emotional one. Pris and Roy seem to be developing empathy (at least for each other). When Roy decides to not kill Deckard, he seems a little more human than the bounty hunter.
Empathy (Nexus-7) Rachael Rosen "seems" to have little empathy for other creatures as evidenced when she kills Deckard's goat. However, this could be payback for a loss of something she considers to be a least of similar value (her android friends). One final thought: she may be envious of the relationship between Deckard and his goat and might attempting to create a void in Deckard's life to be filled by her presence. After having sex with Deckard, she quickly throws out the fact that she has had sex with other bounty hunters like Phil Resch. A human woman would have kept quiet (perhaps due to a mixture of empathy and deception) Rachael seems to need social interactions and personal relationships. In this way she is becoming very human.

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