Eschatology or Psychology?

Normally I would never publish something as flighty as what follows because it just seems too weird (not to mention, subjective). This webpage was published primarily due to the urging of a few friends with whom I have verbally shared these stories. My primary objective is to determine how long it takes GOOGLE to index this page.


I have experienced vivid dreams my whole life but have never taken them seriously since I do not believe in the supernatural. In fact, I always believed "dreams only existed to keep us entertained while our bodies are being rejuvenated during sleep" or on rare occasions, "for the conscious mind to be made aware of something the subconscious mind noticed the day before while the brain is moving short term memories to longer term storage".

p.s. the dream of German chemist August Kekulé revealing the true structure of the benzene molecule springs to mind

I know dreams are not real because I can make them stronger by consuming spicy foods during my last meal of the day. Especially foods containing thick tomato sauce (Prego and/or Ragu work best; double tomato sauce on a peperoni pizza is guaranteed to entertain). The dreams that follow are more often multicolored and bizarre.

Very rarely, a dream will be so bizarre that I'll say to myself in the dream "this can't be real" or "this makes no sense" which causes me to step back (in the dream) then awaken. When this happens the time is usually near 3:00 AM. Go figure.

 Very Memorable Dream #1 (June 2008)

Dream: Every once in a while I meet luminous beings in my dreams. The beings never speak, but you can hear them think by looking at them. I forgot most of this dream except the ending where one luminous being sought my attention then demonstrated to me "breaking an orange multivitamin tablet into two pieces".

Analysis: I was probably getting enough nutrients from my diet and was overdoing it with my morning supplement. Ever since then I use a pill cutter (they cost a buck at the dollar store) to split my multivitamin tablet into two. There been minimal changes in my health (my stomach is less upset during the day) so I'll leave it up to you if you think my response was worth while. To me, the luminous being was some artificial construct created in my subconscious mind to communicate something to my dreaming mind.

 Very Memorable Dream #2 (May 2012)

Dream: As I materialized next to a luminous being known as THE ESCORT, my head was in-filled by a beam-of-light which contained prerequisite knowledge about what I was about to witness and how to interpret it. THE ESCORT walked me through a door onto a balcony overlooking a great hall where people were waiting to pass through a particular door into heaven (the balcony was crowded: there were other VISITORS each accompanied by AN ESCORT).

Looking down below you could see 10-12 lines of people waiting to be interviewed by THE OFFICIAL (the lines were moving right to left). My first thought was "Lineups in heaven? How inefficient." No one was speaking but all lines appeared to be moving (right-to-left) in the direction of THE OFFICIAL at the same speed.

I looked at THE OFFICIAL then began hearing him simultaneous communicate with the first person at the front of each line. There were too many thought-voices for me to understand so I shifted my attention to one man at the front of one of the middle lines. I now heard a single thought-conversation between this man and THE OFFICIAL, and this is what I heard:

man in line: but I acted the way I thought you expected; I believed the book was literally true and that the scientists were liars
THE OFFICIAL you were provided with many gifts including the ability to reason which you did not use; you must use a lesser door or go back

Jumping my attention to a man at the head of the next line I heard this partial thought-conversation:

man in line: are you certain? (he pleaded); I thought this was what was expected of me
THE OFFICIAL your lack of reasoning has place many others in misery; please leave this hall (he was escorted out by one of THE ATTENDANTS)

At this point THE ESCORT got my attention and as I looked at him I heard him think-speak "time for us to go; I was only authorized to show you two"

At this point I woke up and wondered why it seemed so real.



  1. Way too much tomato-based spicy food the night before?
  2. Way too much bible education in my childhood?
  3. Both items one + two?

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