Hacker Perspective: Vaccines limit life-time accumulated damage from viruses

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As I write this in December 2021, humanity has been firmly in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020 at the very least. We all thought this would be over by now but the emergence of the omicron strain, along with the reemergence of the delta strain, has dashed those hopes.

On top of all that, I attend a gymnasium daily (wearing a mask even though I have received two COVID-19 inoculations and have an appointment for a third) but still cannot believe the amount of non-sense I hear every day. Much of it is politically based (which is the dumbest reason ever) but I believe that many people who are susceptible to this stuff have a low level of scientific literacy.

Last week I attended an eye examine where the doctor places eye drops in order to administer a glaucoma test. Over the next hour my vision was reduced to the point where I could not read a magazine or pass time on my phone so I was reduced to being alone with my thoughts while I wondered about "age related" things happening to friends and family.

I am in a hurry to publish these thoughts so have limited everything to point form.

The facts (as currently known)

A few notes about diseases

Now for a short detour

Over the past 60 years I have noticed an ever increasing number of people around me (mostly family + friends) being diagnosed with:

  1. Type-2 diabetes
    • Type-1 is an inability to produce sufficient (any?) insulin by a small clump of cells in the Pancreas known as the Islets of Langerhans.
      This is also called childhood diabetes and somehow involves the patient's own immune system attacking these cells (so is sometimes classed as an autoimmune disorder)
    • Type-2 is associated with the aging of insulin receptors on target cells throughout the body.
      Apparently these receptors become worn out from overuse (associated with a life-time over consumption of sugar and/or carbohydrates)
  2. macular degeneration is associated with degeneration of the macula of retina. This could be related to direct damage to these nerve cells, or their supporting glial cells
And this got me thinking about what might be going on at a systemic level (read on)

A few notes about cell death

Cells are programmable (sort of):

The human immune system is a fascinating multi-function system that operates with many modalities. Here are a few:
Thought bubble: Humans maintain numerous memory systems inside their bodies. These include this partial list: the brain, DNA molecules (long term), RNA molecules (short term). B and T cells
Humans also maintain numerous memory systems outside their bodies. These include including everything from "ancient stone mega-structures" to "modern libraries" and "computers". When humans employ collective wisdom to create vaccines, these contribute to an external information to a library. When you receive a vaccination you are sending your immune system to school (hey, learn about this possible invader)

Food for thought


Addendum (4 months later)

Diabetes in the news (2202-04-xx)

With people isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems sensible to expect a higher incidence of type-2 diabetes which is usually associated with life-style choices (consuming too much sugar). But recent numbers from the UK indicate that 2-4 percent of people suffering from "long COVID-19" also now have acquired type-1 diabetes (destruction of islet cells in the pancreas) which made me think those cells that die after an immune system response. (speculation:COVID-19 somehow gets into the pancreas; being a relatively new virus that the patient's immune system has never seen before, the immune system attacks then kills cells in the Islets of Langerhans

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