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Edit: 2024-02-24


This article is required because modern retail software outlets sell ISO burning software (for Windows or Macintosh) which satisfies the needs of most modern customers but not most computer technologists.


2022: Problem on a +20 year-old system)

Reality Check


USB Stick
  1. RUFUS (Reliable USB Formatting Utility)
      • I used the "dd" option in RUFUS to copy the DVD ISO of CentOS-7 to an 8-gig USB stick which the ProLiant happily booted.
  2. Win32 Disk Imager
  3. FedoraMediaWriter
Optical Disc
  1. Free ISO Burner
  2. ImgBurn (not yet tested by me but looks promising)
  3. IsoMaster
USB Stick
and / or
Optical Disc
  1. Express Burn by NCH Software (this one saved my butt a number of times)
  2. PowerISO (appears to be able to enable-disable: Joliet, RockRidge, UDF)
  3. BlackBox ISO Burner 3 (not yet tested by me but looks promising)

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