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folder description notes
/css/ 'cascading style sheet' files  
/demo_linux/ Linux demos new: 2021-12-18
/demo_vms_html/ OpenVMS demo programs  
/demo_vms_zips/ OpenVMS freeware zips  
/docs/ mostly html documents  
/images/ image files site 3 only
/js/ javascript files  
/links/ mostly html documents  
various documents and manuals site 3 only
various documents and manuals site 3 only
Fast Fourier Transform files (courtesy of Citrus Press)

site 3 only
/raxco/ VAX/VMS Tuning Notes site 3 only
/sounds/ sound files site 3 only

URL's over the years

Site Years My Site URL Provider + Misc Notes
1 1995-1996 long forgotten Hookup Communications Canada
shared space
original URL not found at the wayback machine
"hookup" had a technical connotation in those days smile
2 1997-2017 Bell Canada
shared space
primary home for ~ 20-years
secondary home for another 5-years
3 2017-present and (on a virtual private server)
primary home since 2017

  1. Back in the summer of 2017 I ran out of storage space at site-2 for the tenth time so I decided to move to site-3. Many links at site-2 are now forwarded to site-3. This means that some directories at site-2 are now empty.
  2. Although I primarily work on site-3, for the past 5-years I have been updating "some" pages on site-2 but ran into a problem on 2021-08-23 when I found the server dead. To make matters worse it was down for 4-days (there is no service level agreement on this platform since it was originally provided by Bell Canada in 1997 with the intent of only supporting personal (non-commercial) pages to customers of their Sympatico internet service). On top of that, Google had been bugging me for the past few months about "some pages on site-2" not being "mobile friendly". I would never be able to properly fix them because it was a shared space which means that I didn't have access to Apache config (and the .htaccess file mechanism is not enabled).
  3. Without a way to tell Apache to redirect to site-3 (remember that I don't have access to Apache config in this shared space), on 2021-09-04 I replaced all the files on site-2 with a little bit of HTML-and-JavaScript which will redirect pages accesses for a time. This will allow me to support very old client bookmarks until site-2 crashes again. Click on the URL for site-2 to see it in action :-)

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Neil Rieck
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.