Hacker Perspective: Genes as Technology (Information Coding)

This document expresses some thoughts which have been rolling around my mind since 1980 when I rekindled my interest in biology. At that time, I was a computer technologist who had recently decided that a career in software design might offer more stability than one in hardware maintenance. That same year I stumbled upon "The Eighth Day of Creation" in a Toronto book store when something clicked in my head. This web-page will be successful only if I can light a similar spark in at least one other person. Enjoy!

Neil Rieck (1998-01-23)

Computer Information Technology

Genetic Information Technology

Comparative Technology

Hey, if comparative anatomy is allowed then why not this?

Hmm... I wonder...

End Notes

  1. When I refer to Genetic IT (Information Technology), I am not referring to that branch of computer technology known as Genetic programming or Genetic algorithms. What I am referring to is Genetic Biology, which I consider to be the ultimate technology.
  2. When I refer to ribosomes as CPU's I am not claiming that ribosomes can add and subtract like silicon CPU's. I only claim that there seems to be a lot of similarities between computing technology and protein synthesis. Now if we could find the spot in DNA where brain morphology is defined, then we would have to really give this genetic technology idea some further consideration
  3. Some of this stuff is continued here: genes as technology #2
  4. In 2004 I discovered a very cool online resource called  https://en.wikipedia.org which I have begun to reference in various spots on this page.

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Neil Rieck
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