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/css/ cascading style sheet files  
/demo_vms_html/ OpenVMS demo programs  
/demo_vms_zips/ OpenVMS freeware zips  
/docs/ mostly html documents  
image files more files at the second site
/js/ javascript files  
/links/ mostly html documents
various documents and manuals second site only
various documents and manuals second site only
Fast Fourier Transform files (courtesy of Citrus Press)

second site only VAX/VMS Tuning Notes second site only sound files files at second site only


Back in the summer of 2017, I ran out of storage space at web site #2 ( for the tenth time so I decided to move to web site #3. Many links at site #2 are now forwarded to site #3. This means that some directories at my first site are now empty.

Site Number Years Site Notes
1 1995-1996 hosted by Hookup Communications Canada original site (URL not found at
"hookup" had a different connotation in those days smile
2 1997-2017 home for ~ 20 years
3 2017-xxxx new home

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