Linux Notes: iLO access on HP/HPE server hardware

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Edit: 2019-12-07
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HPONCFG CLI (command line interface)

caveat: this utility must be installed and run by user "root" (sudo will not do)


title : hponcfg-installation.txt
author: Neil Rieck
notes : cut-n-pasted from here:


This utility requires the following minimum firmware revisions: 

    Integrated Lights-Out 3 firmware v1.00 or later
    Integrated Lights-Out 4 firmware v1.00 or later
    Integrated Lights-Out 5 firmware v1.20 or later

The management interface driver and management agents must be installed on the server.

For iLO 5, openssl v1.0.x or later is required in addition to above packages.
Customers who manually compile and install openssl or intentionally relocate /usr/bin/openssl, need to set the PATH  
environment variable to direct HPONCFG to the right/intended openssl.

To ensure the integrity of your download, HPE recommends verifying your results with the following SHA-256 Checksum values:
e993841ed98a74bd3060b275a9b4f8449f38eaa0949c45254d29c41aa510d779 	hponcfg-5.5.0-0.x86_64.rpm
bd3812af6028450ecb43846d6f077d972d959264b56677b4fd6d8394ff43c746 	hponcfg-5.5.0-0.x86_64.compsig

Reboot Requirement:
Reboot is not required after installation for updates to take effect and hardware stability to be maintained.


Login as the system administrator (root), download the RPM to a directory on your hard drive and change to that directory.

If a previous version of the Hponcfg utility has been installed, it must be removed before this package can be installed.

To remove the previous version of the package, type the following :

    rpm -e hponcfg

To install the package, type:

    rpm -ivh hponcfg-x.x.x.x86_64.rpm

After installation, the executable for hponcfg utility can be found under the directory /sbin.

Introductory Stuff

caveat: this utility must be run by user "root" (sudo will not do)

title  : hponcfg-nsr-notes.txt
author : Neil Rieck
created: 2019-11-19
edit   : 2019-11-20
notes  : HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Linux (ver 5.5.0)
hponcfg -?			# display help
hponcfg -g			# see iLO data (software and firmware)
HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility
Version 5.5.0 Date 5/30/2019 (c) 2005,2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
Firmware Revision = 2.50 Device type = iLO 4 Driver name = hpilo
Host Information:
                        Server Name: WYNCTXNA06
                        Server Serial Number: USE249NAR5
hponcfg -a -w hack1.txt		# write all iLO data to file
cp hack1.txt hack3.txt		# make a working copy
#	dangerous optional hack so DO NOT DO THIS 
#	CAVEAT: "I think" this can change BIOS boot order
hponcfg -r			# reset to factory (if desired)
hponcfg -a -w hack2.txt		# write all iLO data to file
cp hack2.txt hack3.txt		#
vi hack3.txt			# modify some XML data in file 3
				# (delete lines you do not need)
hponcfg -f hack3.txt		# use file 3 to change iLO settings
hponcfg -a -w hack4.txt		# write all iLO data to file (second time)
diff hack3.txt hack4.txt -y	# did the changes take effect?

Change network settings

<!-- FILE: hponcfg_mod_network.txt -->
<!-- remember to first modify the IPv4 address -->
  <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="does-not-matter" PASSWORD="do-not-care">
<RIB_INFO mode="write">
    <NIC_SPEED VALUE="100"/>

hponcfg -f hponcfg_mod_network.txt	# use XML file to change iLO settings

Change the Administrator Password

<!-- FILE: hponcfg_mod_admin_pw.txt -->
<ribcl version="2.0">
<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="does-not-matter" PASSWORD="do-not-care">
<user_info mode="write">
<mod_user user_login="Administrator">
<password value="topsecretinfo"/>

Add a user

<!-- FILE: hponcfg_add_user_neil.txt -->
<ribcl version="2.0">
<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="does-not-matter" PASSWORD="do-not-care">
<USER_INFO mode="write">
<ADD_USER USER_NAME="neil" USER_LOGIN="neil" PASSWORD="TopSecretInfo">
<ADMIN_PRIV value="Y"/>
<CONFIG_ILO_PRIV value="Y"/>

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