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Edit: 2024-03-03

The Distro Name Game: x86, x86-64, x64, ia64 (what does it all mean?)

The HP/HPE name game

Regarding the DL380 and DL385

Installing CentOS-5 on: an HP DL360_g5

date: 2016-09-xx

Installing CentOS-6 on an HP DL380_g6 (gen 6 CPU)

date: 2016-10-xx

date: 2017-01-xx

Installing CentOS-7 on an HP ProLiant ML370-g6 (gen 6 CPU)

date: 2016-12-xx

Installing CentOS-7 on an HP DL385_g7

date: 2017-02-xx

Installing CentOS-7 on an HP DL385p_gen8


date: 2018-07-xx


Downloading Older Distros

This side of Y2K we all live in the world of cloud computing where network costs are cheap and storage costs almost free. So I do not know why many Linux distros are deleting their old offerings which could be used for anything from computer museums to just supporting older (but not yet dead) hardware.

openSUSE CentOS Ubuntu Debian Various

Moving to from CentOS to openSUSE in 2021

Comparing the product offerings of two founding Linux distros

SUSE trial install on an HP-Compaq-6000 (old desktop PC)

SUSE trial install on an HP DL385p_gen8 (server)

openSUSE update-1 (a few observations)

openSUSE update-2 (another observation)

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