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tel 519-568-5711
cel 519-501-1635
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Apollo Launches

Mission Launch Notes
Apollo 14 January 31, 1971  
Apollo 15 July 26, 1971  
Apollo 16 April 04, 1972  
Apollo 17 December 7, 1972 This was a night launch. We stood in the water (camera on a tripod) of Indian River in Titusville Florida (near the corner of highways US-50 and US-1) while horseshoe crabs tickled our toes.

Likes (no particular order)


A spinner lifts off

Life in the 21st century will probably be much closer to what we saw in the movie "Blade Runner" (a synthesis of bio-technology and electronics). I doubt we'll ever see flying cars although the idea is seductive. The damage already caused by industrial pollution and global warming means that our lives will be closer to what we saw in the movie "Soylent Green"


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Neil Rieck
Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.