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On hardware device which include... Notes:
  1. this training stint was over a 12 year period between 1981 and 1993
  2. I've worked on a lot more stuff than listed above (including Alpha-2100, Alpha-4100, Alpha Server DS20e, etc.)
  3. you haven't lived the techie life until you've done a head alignment on an RP06 disk drive. This thing was the size of a Maytag washer, had 19 heads and was only good for 200 megabytes. If you ever forgot to take off your wrist watch, it would be pooched as soon as you moved your hand near the head-positioning magnet. The heads had to be laterally adjusted to within 200 micro inches while flying 35 micro inches above the pack surface (why didn't the Yanks ever go metric?)




Neil Rieck in 2012

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I work (software and hardware) on modern mini Mainframes and Servers in a 1942 building which hasn't seen any fresh paint since 1990. I feel like a cyberpunk character in a William Gibson novel.  

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